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When we unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 season of the Canola Learning Centre we decided that we would try to do something a little different to bring a little bit of our Canola Learning Centre into classrooms all year round.

We decided to reach out to teachers who specialize in educational resource development and partner with Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba to create a series of amazing resources.

We are excited to be able to offer these resources are for FREE for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Please feel free to share these resources with any other teachers that you think might be interested.

Right now we are unsure what the future holds for in person farm experiences like our Canola Learning Centre going forward.  We hope this resources might offer a way for students to connect with the farm, and spark a curiosity about an industry that feeds them everyday.

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This grade 4 Manitoba curriculum connected project aims to not only reinforce real-life math and language skills, but also inspire kids in the kitchen. Although this project has been created to specifically target Grade 4 Manitoba Math and ELA outcomes, it can be used by teachers anywhere!

The specific skills that this project reinforces are:

- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
- estimation
- identifying and adding fractions
- problem solving
- time and money
- graphing and data interpretation
- use descriptive and persuasive language
- use online sources to conduct research; manage information and ideas
- design for a specific purpose and audience

Thank you to Shelley Gray for helping us create this resource for teachers.
This Grade 3 & 4 Manitoba curriculum connected resource allows students to experience what it is like to work on a Canadian grain farm.

Students will be guided through activities to:

- Use math skills to layout their fields
- Read descriptions of different crops grown in Canada and match those to pictures based on the description.
- Read and chart information about different soil types.
- Explore the different stages of growth for Canada's #1 crop, Canola.
- Investigate possible solutions to soil erosion from a farmers point of view.
- Learn about farm equipment used in grain farming.
- Engage with a farmer if the class chooses to take part in the bonus activity.

Thank you to Rathgeber Resources for helping us create these resources for teachers.
This Grade 5 & 6 Manitoba curriculum based resource puts students into the shoes of a new agriculture reporter. They will learn about agriculture while they search for the next big news story focused to impress their editor.

Students will be guided through activities to:

- Read and problem solve to classify different Canadian crops.
- Use multi-step math skills to figure out how much seed is needed to plant each of the farmers fields.
- Explore charts and graphs to answer questions around how well the farmers crops yielded.
- See simple machines in action on the farm and explore what makes them work.
- Layout a multi-year equipment budget keeping in mind the farmers needs and dollars available.
- Finally layout and write a cover worthy story relating to agriculture that will keep readers engaged and informed.
- Engage with a farmer if the class chooses to take part in the bonus activity.

Thank you to Rathgeber Resources for helping us create these resources for teachers.
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