Canola Learning Centre

The 2020 Canola Learning Centre Season was unfortunately cancelled.

The 2021 Canola Learning Centre Season is currently on pause. 

Educational Resources

Farm Help Wanted {Project Based Learning Unit} Grades 3 & 4

Download Here: Farm Help Wanted – Grade 3&4

Agriculture Reporter {Project Based Learning Unit} Grades 5 & 6

Download Here: Agriculture Reporter – Grade 5&6

When we unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 season of the Canola Learning Centre we decided that we would try to do something a little different to bring a little bit of our Canola Learning Centre into your classrooms all year round.

Over the summer we worked with an amazing teacher Emma from Rathgeber Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers and Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba to create two amazing sets of resources.

We are excited to be able to offer these FREE resources for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Please feel free to share these resources with any other teachers that you think might be interested.  We just ask that they please download it directly from the Emma’s page so we can track properly and to allow us to get feedback and offer support appropriately to everyone.

Right now we are unsure what the future holds for Canola Learning Centre in 2021.  We hope this resources might offer a way for your students to connect with the farm, if a farm visit is not possible again this year.

What is the Canola Learning Centre?

The Canola Learning Centre is a free farm tour and learning experience aimed at educating urban students and their educators about canola and other Manitoba crops in a real farm setting using fun, entertaining, hands-on activities.


Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA)The Canola Learning Centre is a teaching centre located at Kelburn Farm. Kelburn Farm is a 500-acre grain research and plot test site owned and operated by Richardson International.

Why should we teach youth about agriculture?

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association believes that the Canola Learning Centre creates awareness about agriculture in urban children, an under-reached audience, who will become the decision-makers of tomorrow.

MCGA feels that it is important to educate, intrigue and inform children about agriculture to insure sustainability of the industry. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to make the connection between their food and where it comes from.

Tours will run late May and June

Book a free field trip in Manitoba at the Canola Learning Centre through our online booking system.

For more information about the tour contact:

Leanne Campbell
Phone: 204-479-1115

What will you do at Canola Learning Centre?

Manitoba Canola Growers Associations (MCGA)

  • learn how to identify major Manitoba crops
  • explore the fields and machines of a farm
  • crush canola seeds to make your own oil and learn how to grade canola
  • taste the seeds of the land
  • sweep for insects in the fields and
  • learn to identify between the good and bad bugs
  • ride behind a tractor pulled wagon
  • sit in a tractor
  • and much more!

Who should visit?

The Canola Learning Centre tours are geared for students and their educators.  Students must be at 8 years or age or older to attend the farm.  Each tour is unique, as it will cater to the number and age of the students visiting.

When can you visit?

Canola Learning Centre tours run for end of May and June. In 2019 we will be running school tours only.  We are flexible and willing to work towards accommodating your group’s needs. A complete Canola Learning Centre experience takes can take four hours and typically run from 10:00 to 2:00.

Where is the Canola Learning Centre?

The Canola Learning Centre is located at Kelburn Farm approximately 10 minutes south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Richardson International uses Kelburn Farm to evaluate and demonstrate new advances in agricultural technology and as a meeting place for farmers, industry and end use consumers.


Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA0 “Activities were great – the seed identification activity is one of my favourites. Everything fit in beautifully with my unit on ‘Agriculture’ in the Prairies.”
Teacher, Robert H. Smith School

“We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Canola Farm. It was an interesting excursion. We should have brought our camera along… We hope to return next year!”
-Director, Victor Mager LASP

“Information was well adapted to the children’s levels and they enjoyed the activities with the crops, catching bugs and tasting the different types of grains.”
-River Avenue Day Care

“Children and staff alike learned a lot. Information was retained, which is a sign of success.”
-Village Child Day Care Inc.

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