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Canola Calculators

Minimize your risk and maximize your profit with this suite of canola tools  

Canola Performance Trials

2018 Canola Performance Trial Results are here The 2018 Canola Performance Trials (CPT) small plot and field scale data results booklet is now available above or at The booklet displays yield, height, lodging, days to maturity and calculated gross revenue values for 29 varieties (from all three HT systems) grown in short, mid and long…

Edible and Non-Edible uses of Canola

This is a list of edible and non-edible uses of canola. Your students may find some items very surprising!

Stages of Canola Production Activity

Stages of Canola Production 

 This is an interactive lesson plan that challenges students to arrange the stages of canola production to get from the field to the store shelf.  

The Global Apple Activity 

The Global Apple Activity is an educational demonstration that shows how much land there is on earth to use for agriculture uses.  Background: One of the most important natural resources that covers much of the earth’s land surface is soil. All living things depend on it as a source of food, either directly or indirectly….

DNA Extraction Experiment

DNA Extraction Experiment 

Extracting DNA from common food ingredients. This resource includes three experiment options for grades 7-12.

Canadian Farmer Art Enns

Watch this short video talking about the benefits of biotechnology and why Canadian Farmer Art Enns makes the choice to use it on his farm. Grade 7-12.

Canola Crush Kit

This package includes an instructional guide, canola seeds, seed counter, roller and tape. Everything you need to teach this hands-on activity for all grade levels. To order a kit please contact

Canola Biotechnology

Canola & Biotechnology

This resource is a great reference guide to exactly what biotechnology is and how it benefits canola producers.

Canola Encyclopedia

The Canola Encyclopedia is a great resource that is broken down into several chapters covering topics including; crop development, field characteristics, crop establishment, crop nutrition, fertilizer management, insects, weeds, diseases, managing harvest and storage management. Click to visit the Canola Encyclopedia


Through your levy dollars, Manitoba Canola Grower support and have access to independent, third party agronomists to assist you with canola production inquiries. The Canola Council of Canada’s Crop Production & Innovation Team of agronomy specialists are up to date on the latest canola production research, have a network of expert contacts, and are available to help growers and…

Canola Flower

Canola: Canada’s Oil

This resource covers Grade 3 Science, Health, and English Language Arts, Grade 5 Health and Math, Senior 1 Social Studies and Math.

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